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Atomic77 offers all the web related solutions under a single roof. Right from the designing and development of the website, we can take your websites to new heights with professionally done search engine optimization, social media optimization etc. We have a team of experts in all the related fields who are highly qualified and well experienced. Besides, we are always in pace with the changing technology and update ourselves with the latest developments. We have a state of the art quality control laboratory to test the product at every stage of development and we never compromise with anything less than perfection. We offer lesser turnaround time and are pledged to stick to the timeline. Delivering the best on time is our special feature.

Logo Design

Logos should be descriptive, but simple too. Either the logo can be the symbols of your activity or it can represent your ethics. Logo can be the miniature narration of the quality of your service or product or it can be a symbolic representation of the vision and mission of the organisation. In any case, the logo should be attractive and should capture the attention of the beholder at a glance and they will remember whenever they see the logo. In total, the significance of logo should be able to create a brand and enable market growth that expands the business to the higher levels. Expert and experienced designers at Atomic77 can understand your needs and can design the best logo to meet this goal.

UI Design

Only those websites can sustain in the world of tough competition which provides maximum information to the visitors. Keeping this in mind User Interface should be appropriately designed and make simultaneously user friendly. Expert developers at Atomic77 can design and develop suitable websites depending on the nature of your business. At Atomic77, we blend talent with the technology to provide higher user experience for your visitors.

Web Development

Web development is rather a complicated process which demands a great amount of expertise and talent. High level of precision in coding, perfection while converting PSD to HTML etc are of great importance as it has a major role in deciding the overall quality of the website. Well-connected interlinks will make the navigation inside a website easy and trouble free. At the same time, a lot of care should be taken to make the website user-friendly and search engine friendly. Expert developers at Atomic 77 will take all the care to develop good websites that are user-friendly as well as search engine friendly. A great amount of care will be taken while providing meta tags, title tags, meta descriptions etc and we take care of the image optimization too. Again, with an exposure to worldwide clients, our developers are well versed with the latest styles and trends prevailing all over the world.

Mobile App Design

Customized mobile apps can make your business to interact with your customers effectively and irrespective of the place where they are. Mobile apps can be used for many purposes such as instantaneous transfer of messages, safety aspects, identification of locations, sales promotion etc. When we talk about mobile apps, technology and imagination play an important role in the designing. Our highly experienced mobile app designers can understand your exact requirement and can design mobile app to suit to specified client’s needs. With a large number of satisfied customers across the globe, Team Atomic77 is familiar with the latest trends in the area. We will help you to enjoy the advantages of the latest technology and also to make use of it for effective communications and boosting your business.

Graphic Design

An image can talk louder and deeper than a text of thousand words. Hence images and graphics have important role to play in making your website. We at Atomic 77 know that graphics are important not only for the websites, but for online advertising, social media posting and for any other sales materials. Only a perfect blending of artistic talent with marketing skills can make the right graphic. Our team are quite capable of designing beautiful, attractive and effective graphics to meet the goals. We design graphics that will certainly take your message around the world and will make your clients to be glued to your website.

Landing Page Design

Landing page or lead capture page is the single page that opens on the click on a Search Engine Result or on an Online Advertisement. It is the landing page that will be linked to social media and online advertisements. In other words, landing page is the pilot page of your website that comes just before your website. It is the one that creates first impression, it should be designed properly to prompt to go into further details. A landing page should have all the details of your activities in a nutshell and should be able to convey the same to the visitors. At Atomic 77, highly experienced designers and developers will blend the artistic talent with the marketing strategies to make your landing page the best one.


The influence of Social Media in decision making cannot be neglected nowadays. Right from the Jasmine revolution to the presidential elections in U.S.A we have witnessed the power of social media. Our team of experts in Social Media Optimization at Atomic77 can enhance your social media presence and thus can establish your name in the minds of thousands of prospective customers. We take special care in making the fan page, community, groups etc more interactive and thus many of the customer related problems can be solved very easily. We have a pool of expert designers and content writers to make the presence of your messages throughout the world. Understanding the latest trends and styles, they are quite able to attract more visitors. We offer comprehensive packages for SMO which are result oriented and result guaranteed. We have proven track records too.


Search Engines are proved to be effective media to advertise. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) mainly includes pay per click (PPC) ads. When connected with the right keyword, your ads can travel long way to the conventional advertising. We have a pool of experts in SEM who are engaged in continuous research to identify the widely used keywords for your business and also in designing a marketing strategy that meets the latest trends. We can guide you on PPC spending and direct the same to the right platform. We offer different packages to meet your different needs and to fit different budgets. Striking at the right time at the right target is the success in any business we can guide you related to PPC spending, and with our vast experience, we guarantee good returns for your investment.


Search Engines are playing the major role in directing a new visitor to your websites and at a time when websites are occupying a high place in marketing, search engines have great significance. We have a pool of experts who are thorough with the search algorithms of different search engines and following it very closely to get an idea about time to time changes that are occuring. We are doing thorough keyword researches, which will help us to identify the right keywords for your business. Our expert content writers and designers are capable of creating contents. We are doing both on-page and off-page optimization and the developers of our team are well familiar with the latest SEO requirements, who can update your websites from time to time. With an exposure to global clients, we have ample knowledge about various types of approaches to enhance search engine optimization and hence we can guarantee good results.


Social Media Marketing demands more than Search Engine Marketing. It helps to enhance your social media optimization and gives more exposure to your brands. Unlike in Search Engine Marketing, attractive images too play an important role here. Experts at Atomic77 can create wonderful infographics and other advertisement materials to attract a good crowd. With the help of a pool of experts, we generate proactive and reactive contents to keep the visitors engaged and will direct them to your website. As, most of such visitors coming to the website are mostly to become prospective customers, conversion rates will be more. We have different packages to meet different needs and budgets. You have the freedom to select from them and the results are guaranteed in all the packages. We ensure good returns on your investment for a reasonable price and we help you to be always in the middle of the crowd in a world of tough competition.


Customer Relationship Management or CRM is rather a great task and need a great level of professionalism and tactics to connect the business effectively with the customer. It demands the ability to keep the loyal customers with you and at the same time to attract new customers. We have a pool of highly experienced and well-qualified professionals in creating customer relationship management as a tool for business prospects. Their service will be available in all the matters related to CRM We make use of the most modern technology and hence you can interact with the experts, and can have a feeling of working with an in-house Customer Relationship Manager. Our team of experts will work on par with your working hours, irrespective of time zone to which you belong. In total, you are availing the service of the best professionals and enjoying the high quality of work by hiring our professionals.

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